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You’ll Never Walk Alone has become a secular hymn of our time. It has moved from a piece of musical schmaltz to terrace anthem to something bigger. As we circle the 50th anniversary of its first appearance at a football ground, Peter Ross has gone in search of the source. In a wonderful piece he gets to what, we think, is the first moment that song was sung at football. This is also a look at who really owns the soul of football now.

You’ll want to read this.

The notion that we have much to learn from primitive man is one that never fails to pique interest. But is it actually true? We asked Jared Diamond, the Pulitzer Prize winning scientist and anthropologist to tell us. And by golly, does he! Learn the ways that work here.

And more...

Letter To My Younger Self is Dave Stewart. This is a tale of drugs and Annie Lennox as redeeming angel. There’s also some business on what the younger Dave would think about him now that he’s pals with his great hero Bob Dylan.

Our guvnor John Bird used to be a Marxist. He’s not now. Here, he delivers a thunderer looking at Marxism, middle-class Marxism, the Miliband/Mail fandango and the corrosive nature of hatred.

Brendan O’Neill, meanwhile, speaks up for the proposed change of policy on benefits for under-25s. It’s a very interesting and reasoned opinion piece. He’s got his hardhat on as he awaits feedback.

Novelist, former diplomat and expert in Iranian affairs James Buchan delivers a fascinating article on some of the real reasons behind President Rouhani's détente.

Elsewhere, we have vendor Darren Griffiths from Birmingham, a keen fisherman; our TV review marries Naomi Campbell’s new show The Face with the Tory party conference and something of Horrible Histories – oh yes; our film critic makes the case for Le Week-end being the great, understated hit of the season, and there are details of a competition for kids to create the cover for The Big Issue Christmas edition. We’re working with great kids newspaper First News on this.

The Build Your Vendor A Shop competition continues to grow. Keep spreading the word.

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