Big Issue Magazine 1124 (13 October 2014)

Big Issue

Big Issue Magazine -London Edition

Issue 1124

13 October - 19 October 2014


In this edition of The Big Issue:-


You may have heard that it’s not done to discuss politics, religion and football in polite company. What does that leave? The Bake-off? As you’re no shrinking violet, let’s push on.

This week, two fascinating people tangle with the big question of faith. Former pop star turned Radio 4 stalwart Rev Richard Coles thinks we’re hardwired for it. Tim Minchin balks and looks to science. Incidentally, from Coles you’ll also get tales of “debauched layby sex” and loads of ecstasy. From Minchin, there is fury at the sacred cows of alternative medicine. Let the arguments commence...

Also inside...

John Bird is on fine form, challenging what is and isn’t acceptable to buy when made by those working in tough conditions in China and the developing world. He moves to an interesting conclusion.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with former big corporate beast Sir Christopher Bland. One-time Chairman of the BBC, and boss of BT, he isn’t sure he hasn’t wasted his time before turning to writing late in life.

Peaky Blinders is on its way to becoming a modern, much adored classic. We went on-set to discover the secrets behind putting together a piece of grand TV like this. And we talk to Cillian Murphy.

Brendan O’Neill has a look at Kevin Pietersen and his ‘poor me’ pronouncements. He’s not hugely sympathetic...

Sir Ian McKellen, JPR Williams and Catherine Jenkins will join a number of Big Issue vendors onstage at Swansea Grand Theatre in a Dylathon – a celebration of the centenary of the birth of Dylan Thomas. We bring details. And the thoughts of Dylan expert Jeff Towns who believes his man is the godfather of Twitter. There is a Dylan Thomas cover for Wales.

Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is Reuben Williams, who works in Eldon Square, Newcastle. He lost his job in London and struggled to get by in the city. He went north to try and start again.


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