Big Issue Magazine 1145 (16 March 2015)

Big Issue

Big Issue Magazine

Issue 1145

16 March - 22 March 2015

In this edition of The Big Issue:

We bring the biggest TV star in the world. It’s Jim Parsons – Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. This is a show that is played perpetually, globally. He talks about outsiders taking over the mainstream, oddities of fame and an Olivia Newton John obsession.

Not that there was previous doubt, but the election campaign really kicked in this week as the Tories rolled out their Salmond/Miliband and wrecking ball posters. Sam Delaney investigates the politics of fear – how M&C Saatchi have worked it in the past and their focus from now. A fascinating insight.

What’s it like to be in the middle of a Top Gear media-storm? We asked The Stig. Ben Collins caused less of a fracas, more a to-do when he outed himself in 2010. He looks back at a “horrible” time. Maybe we’ll send this to his old pal…

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Stephen Tompkinson. He has regrets about not saying what he needed to say to his late mother before her sudden death.

Our featured vendor is Amy Stevens who sells by Tower Hill Tube in central London. She moved to the city looking for work when made redundant in the summer and ended up on the streets. The Big Issue has helped her rebuild, find a place and look to the future. Despite the travails, she loves London.
John Bird this week wonders what the endgame might be with Artificial Intelligence – will the march of the machine leave space for humans and work?

Damian Barr is back with another visceral piece, this time about beating children and why we need to change our thinking around it.

There is some crackling writing from Peter Pomerantsev. His book on post-Putin Russia, Nothing Is True and Everything is Possible, is one of the best of the year. For us, he looks at the young Russians who are the new ruling elite in London.

Our Pause, by Peter Owen Jones, considers solitude; in Economics we look at new legislation around Fixed Odd Betting Terminals; and there’s a very tricky Spot The Ball.


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