Big Issue Magazine 1256 (15 May 2017)

Big Issue

Big Issue Magazine

Issue 1256

15-21 May 2017

In this edition of The Big Issue:-

Strong and Stable: Why King Arthur is best for Britain in 2017

Strong and stable leadership – sound familiar? That’s because it has been around for more than 1,000 years. This week, as King Arthur returns in his latest screen quest, read why the ultimate British hero’s time has come (again).

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Also this week:

  • Inspired by our #ActivistArmy and want to step your campaigning up a gear? Lobbying guru Alberto Alemanno offers his 10 rules to help you become a citizen lobbyist.
  • Tom Jackson’s new book celebrates the dying missive of the picture postcard. Their messages carry a funny and often poignant link to our past, he writes.
  • In his Letter To My Younger Self, Graham Linehan – the self-lacerating creator of Father Ted, The IT Crowd and more – talks losing faith and the magic of work.
  • We recently exposed how arrears across the country, Council Tax arrears are spiralling for so many – and ultimately leading to homelessness. Peter Dean explains how Council Tax Advisors can help before the debt collectors come calling

And, as always, much more…


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