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Dr Who ~ Jodie Whittaker Interview

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By Adrian Lobb September 21 2018

Jodie Whittaker: I hope we start to see that women are not a genre

The new Doctor holds back spoilers as she tells The Big Issue: "Being a new point of view for the Doctor brings up fascinating scenarios"

Jodie Whittaker, the thirteenth Doctor Who, has spoken exclusively with The Big Issue.

In an interview to be published in this week’s magazine, Whittaker said: “To be able to audition was incredibly exciting; getting the part knocked me for six.

“It’s wonderful being the first Doctor who is a female. And I am enjoying the conversation. But if it is still a thing in five years’ time? If this would still be as big a moment? I just hope we start to see that women are not a genre in that sense.”

She continued: “When I started to audition, I felt woefully under-qualified. But Chris [Chibnall] explained that a new perspective is exactly what he wanted. That is the wonderful thing about these huge shoes I am filling. No one plays it the same. There is no pressure on me in that sense. In a way, being the first woman is even more liberating.”

Whittaker will make her debut as Doctor Who on Sunday October 7, kicking off the eleventh season of the hit BBC show.

“The thing about gender in this is that the Doctor is the Doctor. So gender is irrelevant in that sense,” said Whittaker. “But within the world of history, within a social element, sometimes gender is relevant. And that would be a wasted moment if that wasn’t acknowledged in some episodes and worlds. That being a new point of view for the Doctor is interesting and brings up fascinating scenarios…” She pauses. A spoiler on the tip of her tongue. A big grin as, with great effort and restraint, she backs down from a big reveal.

The full interview will be published in this week’s The Big Issue.


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