Big Issue Magazine 1419 (20 July 2020)

Big Issue

The Big Issue Magazine

issue 1419

(20 July 2020)

In this edition of The Big Issue:-

Making a splash with RORA

This week we bring you the Ride Out Recession Alliance – as the reality of the Covid fallout becomes clearer we set out more about our plan to keep people in homes and in jobs as the economic seas get choppy. Find out how you or your organisation can get involved.

Also inside this week’s magazine:

  • Olive and Mabel – the two most popular dogs in the world – dial in as sports commentator Andrew Cotterspeaks exclusively about the story behind his viral videos and opens up about the personal toll Covid-19 has had on him
  • Actress and singer Mica Paristells her younger self to stick to the values her grandparents gave her
  • Ex-NHS chief Nigel Crispexplains how good health starts at home
  • As the Olympics should have been kicking off we find out where the torch is at the moment (in Fukushima it turns out)
  • Have you been reading the wrong horoscope all this time? Look to the stars to find out the truth, or take the easy option and read our Fact/Fiction analysis

All this and more only in this week’s Big Issue! 



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