Big Issue Magazine Issue 1108 (23 June 2014)

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Big Issue Magazine - London Edition

Issue 1108

23 June - 29 June 2014


In this edition of The Big Issue:-


Kasabian are happily top of the heap. Number 1, about to close Glastonbury, they’re the band who’ve got so big everybody wants to knock them. Sylvia Patterson joyously fills her boots with Serge and Tom, sees them fuel a Spinal Tap feud with Billy Bragg and talks fatherhood and futures

Also this week.

Our Letter to My Younger Self is with former England captain Sol Campbell. The youngest of 12 kids, he strikes a doleful chord as he considers a life beyond playing football. And reading his no holds barred attack on “archaic” attitudes from football authorities, especially on homophobia, you realise that broadcasters missed a trick not getting him out to Rio.

John Bird has spent a year trying to construct a book about World War One. It’s a long time to spend in that sort of headspace, he says, as he considers the next step.

Samira Ahmed, meanwhile, by way of Freakonomics and old John Cusack movies, considers the difficultly and pressures of school and college reunions.

If you fancy getting out and about Danielle Batist looks at the growing number of Europe-wide city guides put together by people who are homeless. They know things...

And Sam Delaney is back with his latest dispatch. This week, there are problems with rum and the delivery of a TV ahead of the World Cup. Reading that sentence back, it looks like a TV listings explanation for a hilarious 1980s sitcom in which things don’t quite go to plan...

Also, My Week is with Gulf War vet turned publishing behemoth Andy McNab. Tea, opera, surfing and an interesting appraisal of the current situation with ISIS in Iraq are discussed.

Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is Gary Phillips, working in Yarm in the North East. He was brought up in children’s homes and says The Big Issue and classical guitar are finally bringing him some permanence.


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