Big Issue Magazine Issue 1115 (11 August 2014)

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Big Issue Magazine London Edition

Issue 1115

11 August - 17 August 2014

In this edition of The Big Issue:-

People of Britain, and beyond, here’s the Doctor. Ahead of his much anticipated screen debut, Peter Capaldi tells Adrian Lobb how he’s waited a lifetime to play the Doctor, on how it feels to have two culturally defining roles in his career and on Glasgow School Of Art’s place in creating Doctor Who.

Also in this week’s magazine...

The VENDORENDUM. What if the poorest in society, the homeless and disenfranchised, carried the balance of the Referendum vote? We’re uniquely place to deliver some answers on this, so we ran an early Referendum asking our vendors whether they’d vote yes or no, then offered them a platform to talk frankly about the issues they care about that they think aren’t being dealt with. It’s a new wrinkle on 'the future of Britain' debate.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Britain’s greatest living character actor, Eddie Marsan – currently starring in Ray Donovan on TV and popping up in God’s Pocket in cinema. His is a life defined by an absent father, a move into a born again Christian cult and then from being a printer to an actor with the help of a fascinating man called Mr Bennett. Read this.

John Bird considers how we cultivate elements of our past to be what we want the world to see. Owen Jones and his new book feature in this. As do George Orwell and The Communist Manifesto.

We have an interview with a teenage pianist who had won a scholarship to travel to London to perform – but she is stuck at home under siege in Gaza City. It’s an eye-opener, but not without hope. On the other side, we speak to Ari Folman, celebrated director of Waltz With Bashir, about what it's like to be an Israeli living in Tel Aviv and watching all this unfold.

Bake Off. It’s back, it’s insanely popular and we have former contestant Glenn Cosby providing a guide to success at baking and succeeding on that show. Though you may agree more with Jane Graham who gives it both barrels in our Broadcast Review.

Christian O’Connell is our guest columnist. He’s looking at what Peppa Pig has done to fatherhood. Yes he is.

Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is Stephen Stone, who works in Waterloo. An army veteran living with PTSD, he is using The Big Issue to plot a better life. He is also calling on Arsene Wenger to sort out a couple of tickets for the Arsenal because they are SOOOOO expensive.


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