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Big Issue Magazine London Edition
Issue 1077
November 11 - 17 2013

In this edition of The Big Issue:

The JFK conspiracy business started up 50 years ago on November 22. JFK obsessive/conspiracy theorist/challenger Adam Forrest goes back to Dealey Plaza and speaks to people who were there to see why it remains an event of such abiding fascination - and whether we’ll ever really know the truth. We also trace what happened to the car.

The Simpsons holds deep mathematical and philosophical truths. Malcolm Jack investigates why the funniest show on TV is also the smartest. He delves into the question of why God has five fingers. Should have got him to use Homer to investigate the Kennedy shooting....

And more...

Letter To My Younger Self is with one of Britain’s leading actresses, Gina McKee. Starting with Our Friends In The North almost 20 years ago, she has become an ever-present on our screens. It was partly accident, partly focus, she says. There is a tender memory of a moment with her grandparents that she has carried with her.

Our guest columnist this week is funnyman Adam Hills. He writes about facial hair and rectal probes. And who amongst us hasn’t done that...

John Bird’s column considers what makes a best seller and what drives poverty. There is a suggestion of turning his book The Necessity of Poverty into an opera. He may be joking, but I think it’s a runner.

Meanwhile, with some insight, author William Cook revaluates the work of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, especially their final work together in Derek And Clive get The Horn.

Elsewhere, we have vendor David Campion from Plymouth. A musician, he has already released a single through iTunes and is looking to do more.

Take a look too as MacKenzie meets the man that Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits call on when they need a handy multi-instrumentalist. And Susan Hill, author of the classic terrifier The Woman In Black, picks the Five Books Everybody Should Read Before They Die. It’s quite a list.

From November 18, we move into the Christmas period. The magazine becomes bigger every week. We start with a bumper Doctor Who special!


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