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Big Issue Magazine London Edition

Issue 1056

June 17 - 23 2013

In this edition of The Big Issue:-

Operation Rebuild Britain - The nation is stuck in a housing crisis. Instead of listening to the politicians, might architects have the answers? We asked some of the country's top designers for big ideas and to sketch out their ideal homes for the future.

Warld War Z - Brad, me and the undead. My perfect date - on the most expensive zombie film ever made.
Laura Kelly stops screaming long enough to detail her brush with with Hollywood's hottest star...and talks to Max Brooks, the man who made the £250m summer blockbuster possible.

The Street Paper saving a nation.
People are queuing up to buy (and sell) the new magazine giving Greece a voice and helping to plug the unemployment gap. Danielle Batist reports.

MARTIN AMIS (Enfant terrible of literature) is the subject of this week's 'Letter to my younger self'.

Plus all the usual Book, Music, Film and Art reviews.


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