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Big Issue Magazine London Edition

Issue 1039

February 18 - 24 2013

In this edition of The Big Issue:-

Can Robots Care?
At the heart of New Hollywood Blockbuster Robot and Frank is the relationship between a man and a machine. Pure Science Fiction? Adam Forrest reports on the rise of robots in the Care Industry.

Doesn't Dobbin Look Tasty?

Which cut of horse would you like? That's the question French butchers ask their customers. So why, when it's healthier and tastier (some say) than beef, are Brits squeamish about eating horsemeat? Catherine Breemer investigates.

The Most Influential Man in Politics.

Paul Flynn explains why fellow MP's are queuing up to read his self-help book. Avoiding the Pitfalls - It's easy to get lost in the corridors of power. Luckily, veteran MP Paul Flynn offers advice to his parliamentary colleagues on expenses, avoiding boredom and how to get your own office. The 'idiot's guide' - style book takes MPs through taking the oaths of loyalty and voting procedures, and even claims that flings are 'inevitable'. It's a wonder they get things done at all.

CHRISTIAN O'CONNELL (Absolute Radio DJ) is the subject of this weeks 'Letter to my younger self'.

JOHN BIRD comments on the Catt Reilly/Poundland/DWP work for your benefits case.

Plus all the usual Book, Film, Music and Art reviews.



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