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This is the London edition of The Big Issue Magazine Issue 1041 March 04-10 2013.

Iconic actor and '60s sex symbol Terence Stamp is the subject of this editions 'Letter to my younger self'.

'My Mum is the most incredible woman' says Bond Beauty Gemma Arterton. Her mum is a pink, a lioness and her biggest inspiration. And she's the reason Gemma Arterton is full of fighting spirit. Interview by Laura Kelly.

My Week by Alison Maclean (Head Panda keeper at Edinburgh Zoo). "Ahead of the breeding season Yang Guang is performing handstands and urinating as high as he can".

John Bird comments on The Budget.

Reigning in greedy Landlords - Rents have gone through the roof and the 'Bedroom Tax' is about to pile on more misery. Adam Forrest investigates.

An Unholy Mess - The next pipe doesn't have a prayer unless he can clean up the Vatican argues Peter Stanford (former editor of the Catholic Herald).

Plus all the usual Art, Music, Book and Film reviews.


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