Boys Spiderman Long Sleeve Top

Marvel / George At Asda

Boys Spiderman Long Sleeve Top.

Originally made for George at Asda.

Labels have been debranded by our supplier to prevent unauthorised return to the Store Chain where originally sold.

Made from 100% Cotton.

Ribbed Crew Neckline.

Long Sleeves.

Spiderman print to front.

Colour: Umber (see below for definition)

Sizes 2/3y, 3/4y, 4/5y, 5/6y, 6/7y, 7/8y (as available)


Umber is a natural brown or reddish-brown earth pigment that contains iron oxide and manganese oxide. It is darker than the other similar earth pigments, ochre and sienna. In it's natural form, it is called raw umber.

When heated (calcinated), the colour becomes more intense, and the colour is known as burnt umber. (Source; Wikipedia).


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